How To Get Your Home Thoroughly Clean For The Christmas Holidays

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? You might feel like you just finished Christmas of 2014, and now you're probably already shopping for this year's Christmas presents. If you're wanting to do a through cleaning before you put up your tree and your other home decorations, here are some ideas that might help you to do a thorough job in a short amount of time. After all, while this might be the most wonderful time of the year, it also might be the busiest time of the year. Getting organized on your cleaning project will be a great help to you now and later.

Make A Plan -  It might help you to actually write down on a calendar or on a schedule sheet what you want to accomplish each day of your project. If you plan carefully, you can do it all in three days. Of course, you can also do it in a day, if you start early enough. However, trying to clean the entire house thoroughly in one day might mean that by the end of the day you'll be very tired and you may start to cut corners.

Bathrooms - Think about cleaning all of the bathrooms on one day.  Besides the obvious bathtub, shower, countertops and the front of cabinets, consider taking everything out and wiping out drawers and the inside of your bathroom cabinets. If you keep linens or lingerie in bathroom drawers putting pretty sachets in the drawers will add a sweet smell to the room and to the objects in the drawers. Did you know that you might already have some great natural cleansers right in your kitchen? For example, a paste made of baking soda and real lemons will do a great job of polishing real brass. Equal amounts of water and vinegar will leave your mirrors sparkling. 

The Kitchen And Utility Room - Consider starting this day's cleaning by organizing your pantry and the inside of your cabinets, wiping everything down as you go. Pay attention to spots that might be a constant nuisance. For example, if you keep things like syrup and honey in your pantry, you might always have a sticky spot where they sit. After the shelf on which they sit has been cleaned, consider placing the bottles on a rubber cutting board or even on a piece of aluminum foil. When it's sticky again, the clean up will be a lot easier for you because you can just throw away the aluminum foil or stick the cutting board right in your dish washer along with the other things that are being cleaned. 

Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room And Bedrooms - When you think about it, the living room, family room dining room and bedrooms all have one thing in common. They all have furniture to be dusted or polished. That's why it makes good sense that you could clean all of these rooms all on the same day. As you dust, don't forget to check for cobwebs under chairs and other pieces of furniture. And, since your goal is to do an intense job on cleaning, this will also be a good time to dust the knick-knacks and other home decor in all of those rooms. Don't forget to dust the tops of pictures.

Call In The Professionals - Windows and carpets are a category of their own because to get the job done right, you probably need to bring in experts. Workers who clean your windows will bring state-of-the-art equipment to reach even high windows and they will be left sparkling for the holidays. Of course you can vacuum and even shampoo your carpets yourself. However, to really deep clean them, special commercial equipment is needed. One plus is that the cleansers that are used today are friendly to the environment and they won't hurt your pets or your children. If you have anybody in the house who has asthma or allergies, be sure to point that out at the time you make your appointment for the cleaners to come to your home. Be sure to make your appointments (with companies like Power-Kleen) soon so you'll be sure to have the cleaners on the day you want them.

If this system works well for you, consider using it on a smaller scale so that your house will remain clean.