Cat Love To Scratch? How To Protect Your Carpet From Damage

Cats love to scratch things like carpeting for many reasons. They have scent glands under their paws and they will scratch an area to leave their scent there. They also scratch to remove the dead outer layer of the skin on their paws, and sometimes they scratch while playing. No matter the reason why your cat is scratching up your carpeting, there are some things you can do to protect it. Follow the tips below to keep your carpeting looking new without having to get rid of your cat.

Self-Adhesive Carpet Protector

If your cat always scratches in one area of your carpeting, purchase a self-adhesive carpet protector to place over the area. These generally come in rolls, and they are sticky on one side to allow easy installation. Moving companies often use these products to protect their customer's carpeting when they are moving things out of a home. Simply cut the product to the size you need, lay it on the carpet, and press down with your hands making sure all of the adhesive is stuck to the carpeting. Your cat will likely not want to scratch on the plastic. Of course, this would not likely work on an entire room, but in small areas, it works great.

Floor Mat

If your cat stays in a room with the door closed at any time during the day, they may scratch under the door, which will tear up your carpet. You can purchase plastic chair mats that are used to protect carpeting from desk chairs. Cut the mat so that you can slide it under your door. You do want the mat to extend a few inches outside the door if your cat likes to stick their paws under it.

Most chair mats are large and they can be expensive. For this reason, there are floor mats that are specifically made for this purpose. You have the option to choose them from different widths, and they are thin enough that that easily slide under closed doors as well. These mats have grippers on the bottom so they do not slide around.

Double Sided Sticky Tape

If your cat always goes to one area to scratch, use some double-sided sticky tape. It sticks well to carpeting, and your cat will not like to step on it, as their feet will stick to the tape. This tape is very inexpensive, and can be replaced easily.

If your carpeting is already damaged from your cat, purchase new carpeting and use the tips above to protect it.  The carpet company can show you the carpets that will repel stains also. These carpets are generally made from polyester or nylon.  The carpet company can also put a spray coating over your new carpet so stains will not penetrate the fabric. Some manufacturers use a flurochemical commercial finish when the carpeting is made in the mill, which repels stains. These treatments can reduce your need for carpet cleaning services, though you'll still want to have the carpet cleaned regularly.