Tips For Helping Your Cleaning Service Get Into Your House

Hiring a residential cleaning service is an awesome way to make sure that your apartment or house is clean without having to take the time away from work, your hobbies, or your children to do it. However, there are some logistics that need to be determined in order for a residential cleaning service to actually be able to do their jobs. The biggest piece of logistics is how the cleaners are going to be able to get into your house. Chances are good that you're going to be at work when they come, so you're going to need to figure out a way to make sure that they are able to get inside without you having to worry about security. Here are some tips.

1. Use a Reputable Cleaning Company and Leave Them a Key

The simplest way to make sure that a cleaning company is able to get into your house without compromising your house's security is to simply do your research and find a company that is highly ranked on the Internet and registered with the Better Business Bureau in your area. This is your best bet for finding a reputable cleaning company. Once you've found one, simply make a copy of your key and give it to them. When you're done using their services, you can simply take the key back.

If you choose to mail a key to the cleaning company, make sure that you mail it in a bubble-wrap envelope in order to ensure that it does not rip through the sides and get lost. The bubble wrap reinforces the envelope and makes it almost impossible to rip through.

2. Get a Key Code Lock for Your Door

If you're uncomfortable with leaving a cleaning company your key and potentially opening your house up to a security risk, you could also get a key code lock for your door. This would be a lock that simply takes a key code and, if it's correct, allows the person into the house. This could be more secure than simply making a copy of your key because it allows you to change the code to something that the cleaning company knows for a specified period of time, and then changes it back to a code that no one knows but your family after that period of time. Doing this makes it easy to maintain the security of your home.

For more information, talk to a professional cleaning company like Open Doors Cleaning. They will be able to tell you their preferred method of gaining access and give you some ideas.