Comparing Stone Resurfacing And Concrete Surfacing

Stone resurfacing and concrete resurfacing are two very similar processes that can be applied to any concrete surface, repairing any damage that may have occurred due to general wear and tear. However, despite fulfilling the same function, they do so in very different ways, and as such each method has a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Understanding the difference between stone and concrete resurfacing can help you choose the option that is best suited for your concrete floor.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a fairly common process, mainly due to its simplicity. A blend of sand, concrete, and other polymers is mixed together and then spread over damaged or discolored areas of your concrete floor. When the mixture dries, the floor will look good as new.

The main advantage of concrete resurfacing is that it is affordable, as the mixture used is basically a concrete mix with a few extra ingredients added in. It is available in do it yourself kits at most hardware stores, though getting a professional to resurface your floor is recommended to ensure that the job is done properly.

However, there are few design choices for concrete resurfacing, as its primary function is to cover up minor cracks and stains. This means that concrete resurfacing is not the way to go if you want to change the aesthetic of your concrete floor or driveway.

Stone Resurfacing

Stone resurfacing is slightly more complex than concrete resurfacing, as its function is to repair any minor damage as well as to alter the appearance of your concrete surface. Stone resurfacing is completed by applying an epoxy to the concrete surface, and then applying a stone slurry on top. This allows an even surface to be maintained, while at the same time completely changing the appearance of your concrete surface.

The main advantage of stone resurfacing is that it is able to completely change how a concrete surface looks without having to rip it out and install a new one. This helps save you money if you want to change a concrete floor in your home or yard.

However, stone resurfacing is more expensive than concrete resurfacing, and as such is not recommended if you simply want to repair some minor aesthetic damage. Furthermore, stone resurfacing comes with a bit more maintenance, as the stones in the slurry will slowly be worked loose over time, requiring small amounts of reapplication to ensure that the aesthetic is maintained. Contact a contractor, like Marble Tec Systems, for more information.