How To Sanitize Your Pharmacy During The COVID-19 Pandemic

As essential businesses, pharmacies have to stay open during difficult times. Patients simply can't go without their medications, and due to HIPAA laws and the sensitive nature of controlled medications, shipping prescriptions can be risky. 

Pharmacies do stay open and fully staffed, even while COVID-19 is putting everyone at risk. Pharmacy managers can ensure they protect their staff as well as possible through deep and constant cleaning routines.

1. Sanitize Throughout the Day

Pharmacists and technicians can reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 from their customers by cleaning frequently-touched surfaces throughout the workday. Customer-use pin pads, countertops, computer keyboards, and touchscreen monitors should be wiped down with disinfectant at regular intervals, or preferably, between each patient interaction. Keeping hand sanitizer available for everyone to use can also minimize the risks associated with touching money, credit cards, and identification cards. Keep cleaning supplies within easy reach of cash registers and highly frequented areas for the best results. With these cleaning systems in place, you can reduce everyone's exposure risk throughout the day and maintain the professional atmosphere of your pharmacy.

2. Deep Clean the Pharmacy Regularly

During the workday, pharmacy staff will likely be too busy to thoroughly clean the pharmacy. However, if you know that you have common downtimes in the mornings or evenings, you can use that time for scheduled deep cleaning routines. A good cleaning routine for COVID-19 should include cleaning door and cupboard handles, light switches, scanners, phones, sinks, appliance exteriors, and all hard surfaces. The floor should also be cleaned. Surfaces that are infrequently touched may be cleaned with non-disinfecting cleaners, but frequently touched surfaces should be disinfected if possible. With a thoroughly clean workspace, your staff will feel safer and be less at risk for catching any respiratory illness.

3. Implement a Product Cleaning Routine

Every pharmacy has drugs that are prescribed far more frequently than others. During an average work shift, many people may touch the same pill bottles, as technicians and pharmacists fill prescriptions. While there may not be time to sanitize every product in the pharmacy during busy periods, pharmacy technicians can add a simple sanitation step to their routine as they maintain their assigned pharmacy bay. By sanitizing product bottles and packages as possible, your technicians can dramatically reduce the risk of an employee spreading COVID-19 to their coworkers. 

To learn more about COVID-19 cleaning routines, contact a professional pandemic cleaning service in your area, like Command Cleaning Services, LLC.