Commercial Cleaning: Signs You Need It Done More Frequently

You can hire a commercial cleaning company to clean your business as often or infrequently as you want. Often, budgets decide how often commercial janitorial services are needed, but even then, there is no clear sign that you are having your office cleaning done as much as you should unless you're watching for signs you should have it done more often.

Here are signs you need to have commercial cleaning done more frequently. Remember that commercial cleaning not only keeps the building cleaner and more organized, but it can also help prevent illness and issues in the workplace, and clean offices can lead to greater employee productivity. If your budget is a concern, speak to your accounting manager to see where you can make budget cuts for more frequent commercial cleaning.

Your employees are picking up cleaning slack

You should not be paying your employees to keep the building clean beyond their own private workstations. If you have to pay your employees to keep your bathrooms, conference rooms, and other areas clean in the building, your company funds are partly going into employee productivity that you're already paying a professional cleaning company to do. Add up the number of hours your employees are delegating of their time to the cleaning needs of your building and how much they're getting per hour to do so, and realize that that is how much money you have — at least — to potentially dedicate to more commercial cleaning services.

Keep in mind that when your employees are cleaning, they're not doing the other essential work they're hired on to do. This can make your company fall behind, so keep this in mind as you explore your commercial cleaning options.

Your building is too dirty between cleanings

If you have a commercial cleaning company come in periodically to attend to your building and it's getting dirty between cleanings at a noticeable rate, then you need to have the service done more frequently. Your employees and clients will notice the building being dirty and will also notice when it's clean, so invest in the cleanliness of your entire building for better employee morale and an overall improved image for your company.

Ask how much it would cost your company to increase a deep commercial cleaning by a few times a month or year and see if you can budget for these services. Odds are, the cleaning won't be as expensive as you'd think it would be, and the results will be worth the investment overall.