How Do You Know if You Should Encapsulate Your Crawlspace?

You've probably known friends or family members who have had their crawlspace encapsulated. This is a really common service for those who have crawlspaces. So, how do you know whether your crawlspace needs to be encapsulated? You should look for these signs, of course.

Musty Smells

The main reason to encapsulate the crawlspace is to keep moisture out. When there is moisture in the crawlspace, you will usually notice musty smells. At first, you may only notice the musty smells in the actual crawlspace, but eventually, you may notice these odors creeping through the rest of the home. You do not always see mold when there's must in a crawlspace, but the musty smell alone means it's time to consider encapsulation.

Lots of Insects

A few insects here and there don't always indicate a problem with moisture. However, if you are noticing an increasing number of insects in your home, you could have a moisture problem originating in the crawlspace. In particular, you might notice cockroaches, carpenter ants, and earwigs, which are all water-loving insects. Encapsulating the crawlspace will keep moisture out, which will help deter these insects from continuing to bother you.

Cracks in the Foundation

Now, there are a lot of potential causes of cracks in the foundation. The soil beneath the foundation might not be stable. The foundation may not have been built and supported correctly. However, there's also a possibility that the crawlspace is allowing moisture to seep in, and that moisture is causing foundation damage leading to crack formation. It is worth having a crawlspace encapsulation service take a look and weigh in. If moisture is to blame for the foundation damage and you don't act quickly, you may find yourself dealing with bigger foundation problems down the road. 

Moisture on the Interior of Windows

Do you often notice that there's moisture on the inside of your windows? This is a sign of high indoor humidity. The moisture in the indoor air is condensing on the windows when the windows are cool. High indoor humidity can have many causes, but a leaky crawlspace is just one of them. Work with a crawlspace encapsulation service to learn more about handling the situation.

If your crawlspace needs to be encapsulated, definitely do the work sooner rather than later. Most encapsulation teams are happy to come out, give you an estimate, and offer you more details as to what their process involves.