3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Carpet flooring is a popular choice in many homes. Carpet floors are warm and soft underfoot, which is why you often find it in bedrooms and other living spaces. While carpet is an excellent option for making your home comfortable, it does tend to collect dirt and debris. While you can vacuum and even try to remove stains on your own at home, a professional carpet cleaning is the best way to reinvigorate your carpeting. Professional carpet cleaners use specially-designed industrial products and techniques that are often inaccessible to the average homeowner.

Here's what you need to know about when hiring a professional to clean your carpet: 

Multiple Types of Carpet Cleaning Are Available

You may not know that there are different cleaning methods to choose from. Some carpet cleaning methods to consider include shampooing, encapsulation, dry cleaning, steam cleaning, and bonnet cleaning. There are pros and cons to each of these methods, so consider what kinds of carpets you have in your home and how dirty each one is when choosing which method to use. If you aren't sure which carpet cleaning option will work best for your home, a professional can help you decide. But no matter which option you select, you will be left with fresh-smelling and better-looking floors.

A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way​

Preparing for the cleaning session will make things easier for you and the carpet cleaners. You should talk to your cleaner about what you need them to do before they arrive at your home. Many carpet cleaning companies will give you a checklist to follow before they arrive.

Your furniture will need to be addressed. Some carpet cleaning companies will move furniture for you, while others require that you move it. You'll also want to remove any additional fragile items from the rooms where the carpet needs to be cleaned. Also, make sure to secure long drapes up out of the way and keep your children and pets away from the rooms being cleaned. 

Costs Can Vary

A few things can impact the cost of professional carpet cleaning. First, the cleaning method used has a significant impact on your bill. Second, the number of rooms you need to be cleaned also affects the cost of carpet cleaning. Some carpet cleaning professionals charge a flat fee, while others charge by the hour or by the square foot. On average, carpet cleaning costs $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot