Four Benefits Of Hiring An Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Company

When exploring your carpet cleaning options, you are sure to come across several companies that offer "green" or "eco-friendly" carpet cleaning options. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning is becoming more and more popular, and there are many good reasons to choose this option for your home or business, including:

Less Chemical Exposure

When you have your carpet cleaned with conventional shampoos and detergents, the chemicals in those products linger in your carpet long after it is dry. You and your children and pets are exposed to them whenever you sit or play on the carpet. Some may become airborne and cause allergy symptoms. Among the harmful substances found in such cleaners are phthalates, which are known to disrupt the endocrine system, and quaternary ammonia compounds, which cause skin irritation. With eco-friendly carpet cleaning, fewer of these harsh chemicals are used. The primary goal of using fewer chemicals is to protect the environment, but you end up protecting your own health, too.

Fewer Pollutants

The term "eco-friendly" in and of itself suggests that these cleaning practices have been developed with the environment in mind. Traditional carpet shampoo products can cause harm to aquatic life when they are washed down the drain. They also lead to pollution during their production. Eco-friendly carpet shampooing methods, however, use mild ingredients like baking soda and herbal extractions, which won't harm plant and animal life when they eventually make their way into lakes and streams.

No Chemical Scent

Nobody wants a stinky carpet, but the chemical smell left behind after a carpet is cleaned with traditional shampoos can be just as unpleasant. Eco-friendly cleaning methods often leave behind no scent at all. If there is a scent, it is often that of a natural essential oil like lavender or orange, which is added to the preparation for the sole purpose of leaving behind a nice, healthy scent!

Less Water Waste

If you live in an area where water is in short supply, this is a particularly important benefit of eco-friendly carpet cleaning. When traditional shampoos are used, a lot of water must be used to ensure they are properly rinsed out. Since eco-friendly shampoos are so much safer, your carpet cleaning company won't have to use so much water to ensure every last trace is washed out.

If you come across a company who offers eco-friendly commercial carpet cleaning in your area, take advantage of this service. Your home will be healthier, you'll do less harm to the environment, and the end result will be a clean, fresh scent – not a chemically fragrance.