4 Tips To Protect Your New Carpet

If you have just had beautiful new carpet installed in your home, you probably want to preserve it for as long as possible. It is true that carpet is not as forgiving as some other types of flooring, but you can't beat the look or comfort of it. Luckily, following a few tips can help you keep your new carpet in good shape.

1. Have it Treated

It's a good idea to purchase carpet that is designed to be easy to clean. Some carpets are less prone to stains because of a treatment that is added to them at the factory. If you did not opt for this type of carpet when making your purchase, ask your carpet installer about treating your carpet with an anti-stain spray. It will help prevent any stains from seeping deep into the fibers of your carpet and will make your carpet a lot easier to clean.

2. Kick Off Your Shoes

It's a good idea to implement a rule in your home that prohibits family members from wearing their shoes in the house. Even if you're careful to clean your shoes off at the door, there's always an increased possibility that you'll track dirt, mud or debris onto your carpet. It's a lot easier to prevent these messes in the first place than it is to clean them out of your pretty new carpet.

3. Use Rugs

Consider adding rugs in high-traffic areas or areas that are prone to spills -- such as the area in front of the couch, if you tend to eat in your living room. It will be much easier and more affordable for you to toss a rug into the washing machine or even replace it than it will be to replace your carpet.

4. Have it Cleaned -- Professionally

It's smart to have your carpet cleaned a few times a year to get rid of any stains before they set in. However, you should be careful about cleaning your carpet yourself -- using the wrong cleaner or failing to get all of the soap or water out of your carpet can actually cause it to wear out much faster. Instead, hire a professional carpet cleaning company such as Atlantic Carpet Care. Along with having your carpet cleaned, you can have small repairs made as-needed to keep your carpet looking great.

As you can see, there are steps that you can take to protect your new carpet. Remember these tips if you want to keep your carpet looking great for a long time to come.