How To Get Your House Thoroughly Clean

Even if you clean your house once a week, you may have realized that it's time for a huge cleaning job to be done. That might be especially true if you've lived in your house for a long time. Here are some ideas that might help you to do a thorough job on getting your house sparkly clean. That will be especially nice if you are expecting guests for the holiday season that is fast approaching.  

The Pre-Cleaning Process - It's a good idea to rid your house of clutter before you even start the cleaning process. This would be a good time to enlist each family member's help. For example, ask your spouse and your children to go through all of their belongings so they can get rid of things they don't want or use anymore. Having a stack for things that will go to charity, another one for items that might be sold at a future yard sale, and another area for trash items will help get the job done in a more orderly way. Another idea is to have parents and older children work with little kids to organize their drawers and closets. Working as a family or in teams might be more effective in cleaning areas like the garage, the basement and the attic.

Make A List - The best approach to getting a home thoroughly clean is to pay attention to detail. Again, enlisting family members to help would be really great. It's helpful to make a list of everything that needs to be cleaned. Don't forget things like the oven, the refrigerator and freezer, brass hardware on doors, washing curtains, dusting the tops of picture frames and cleaning the glasses that cover them, and even cleaning knick-knacks.

Bring In The Professionals - One idea is to actually hire a janitorial cleaning service to help in the biggest parts of your cleaning project. While maid service will do a good job, even changing bed linens, a janitorial service will take care of big jobs because they have the right equipment to do big jobs. The janitors will do things like window washing, power cleaning tile, riding your kitchen walls of grease grime, shampooing carpets, cleaning chimneys, and even power washing your garage floors. In a word, if it's a big job, leave it to the professional janitors. Because of the busy holidays ahead, it's a good idea to reserve an appointment now, or you might have to wait until 2016 to get the big jobs done.

Consider establishing a weekly chore and cleaning list that your family can follow throughout the year, and also consider having the janitorial service come periodically to do your windows and other big jobs.