Tips For Taking Care Of Your First Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are elegant, colorful and decorative additions to any room. You can find them in a variety of deep, rich colors and intricate designs, so you'd be sure to find something that worked well with your existing furnishings and decor. Although Oriental rugs are a great feature in most any space, they are not without their maintenance needs. If you've just invested in your first Oriental rug, it's important that you know how to care for it.

Shift the Traffic Pattern

You'll need to rotate the rug every few months to ensure even wear across it. When possible, turn it a quarter turn every couple months, but if the rug is too large to turn sideways, at least rotate it to point in the opposite direction every few months.

You should also consider moving the furniture around in the room once or twice a year. By doing this, you will create new and different pathways through the room, which changes the traffic pattern across the Oriental rug. The combination of both helps to shift where the traffic is flowing for more consistent, even wear.

Protect It From Sunlight

The sun's ultraviolet rays can fade the dye in the Oriental rug's fibers, causing it to look worn, faded and old. The best way to avoid this fading damage is to keep the rug protected from ultraviolet rays. Add UV film to your windows so that you block the UV rays from actually reaching your rug. Not only will this protect the fibers of the Oriental rug, but it will protect the rest of your furniture as well.

Keep It Clean

Make sure you vacuum the Oriental rug once a week to help keep the fibers of the rug from packing down due to traffic. Just make sure that you use a vacuum that doesn't have a beater bar, otherwise you might cause pulls and runs in the rug fibers.

You'll also want to hang the rug up to air out regularly, because it will help keep mold, mildew and odors at bay. Plan to hang the rug in open air outside for several hours two to three times a year. This keeps moisture and odors from settling into the rug fibers.

Proper care and attention will keep your new Oriental rug looking great for years to come. Another great way to keep it looking good is to work with a professional Oriental rug cleaning company like Spotless Carpet Cleaners & Janitorial Services Inc to clean the rug once or twice a year.