How To Prepare Your Office For The Janitorial Team

Your business is paying good money to a professional office cleaning company so you will make a favorable impression with clients and visitors. Some of your staff, however, might be unintentionally hindering the cleaning process. This results in an office that does not sparkle as much as is possible. Follow these tips to prepare your office for the janitorial team.

Clear the Desk

All employees should put their paperwork in the inbox, outbox, or filing cabinet at the end of each workday. This allows cleaning personnel to properly dust or wipe computer monitors, keyboards, lamps, and desk accessories as well as the surface and edges of each desk.


Restrict food consumption to the lunch or break areas to ward off problems with bugs or rodents. Ask your employees not to leave food sitting out on the counters at closing time. While the cleaning crew uses utmost care, they do spray chemicals to disinfect surfaces. Wrap all food and put it in a cabinet or the refrigerator.


The cleaning crew is willing to polish the leaves of large plants so they will resist dust and give a pristine appearance. You need to request this service, however, as it usually entails an additional fee to compensate for the time involved.


While the janitorial team thoroughly vacuums the carpeting on each visit, it will still need spot cleaning and deep cleaning to prolong its appearance and lifespan. If one of your employees has spilled something on the carpet, please inform the janitor of what was spilled: coffee, printer ink, etc. The janitor needs this information to select the appropriate cleaning solution.

The frequency of overall deep cleaning depends on the nature of traffic through the office area. A manufacturing company with employees walking inside from a production area might need more frequent cleaning than a professional office on the fifth floor of a building.


The cleaning crew wipes down window sills and the inside glass regularly. Please ask employees to keep the window sills clear so nothing gets knocked over when cleaning the glass.

Most cleaning contracts do not include the outside glass in their cleaning contract. If you rent space in an office complex, then this service is probably included in your lease. Otherwise, please set up a schedule for outside window cleaning, such as once a month.

Supply Closet

Please leave the supply closet unlocked on evenings when the cleaning crew will be visiting. Alternately, you can provide a key to the cleaning company. This allows the janitors to access the supplies they need. For example, they must refill toilet paper and paper towel dispensers, put new liners in the trash cans, etc.

For more information, consult a local cleaning company (like Crystal Clear Cleaning).