Don’t Panic! 3 Things That Will Ease Your Fears After A Massive Tub Overflow

If you or your child has flooded your bathroom by leaving the faucet in the tub running, don't beat yourself up too bad. While overflows can be avoided, they happen more often than you think. Overflow accidents involving tubs, sinks and appliances account for a great deal of the water damage fixed by cleanup crews. And fortunately, the damage associated with these types of accidents is generally fairly easy to clean up, which means the situation isn't as dire as it seems. Following are three things that will ease your fears after a massive tub overflow. 

It's Not an Immediate Health Concern

Most flooding situations that occur in a home pose immediate health risks. For example, a backed up sewer line and an overflowed toilet as well as floods due to inclement weather can all dump loads of bacteria, fecal matter, toxins and so forth in your home. The water that floods your home during a tub overflow situation, however, is clean. You generally have a bit of time before things get nasty. But if not addressed within a reasonable amount of time, water damage from an overflowed tub can cause mold and bacteria growth, both of which can threaten your well being, so it's best to get the job taken care of quickly by a company like Walker's Carpet Care & Janitorial Services Inc.

Your Insurance will Most Likely Cover the Damage

While most general homeowners insurance policies won't cover flood damage caused by a natural disaster, they will cover water damage caused by accidents or sudden, unforeseen incidents. In fact, most policies will cover any water damage that's caused by water that hasn't yet reached the ground. Some examples of covered incidents include roof leaks, burst pipes and tub and sink overflows. Your insurance company should pay for the area to be cleaned properly and repaired if necessary. 

Your Tub will Not Fall through the Floor

It takes years worth of water damage to cause a tub to fall through the floor because of the way they are constructed and supported. Tubs do not merely sit on the floor, they are mounted onto frames and held up by the solid framing of your house. Your tub is not going to fall through because of a little bit of water damage. 

An overflowed tub can seem like a huge deal, but don't worry too much about it. All of the damage associated with an overflowed tub is fixable, and your insurance will most likely pay to have the work done. What's more, your family won't be in any danger while you're waiting to get the damage fixed.