Is Wool Carpet Right For You? A Look At The Pros And Cons

Synthetic carpet might be the most common choice, but if you're looking for a more luxurious carpet for your home, you may want to consider wool. With its natural fibers and tight, groomed look, wool carpeting works well in many dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. However, it's not the right choice for everyone. Weigh these pros and cons before you settle on wool carpeting for your home.

Pro: Wool carpet is an excellent insulator.

Just like wool sweaters and socks are great for keeping your body warm, wool carpets are great for keeping your  home warm. A wool carpet will serve as an extra layer of insulation, which makes wool a good choice if you're trying to keep your heating bills down and maintain a more comfortable home in the winter.

Pro: Wool is naturally fire-resistant.

Other fire-resistant carpets must often be treated with chemicals to make them resist flames. Some of these chemicals may off-gas, leading to odors and allergic reactions. Other synthetic chemicals are simply not fire-resistant at all, and will go up in flames, perpetuating the spread of what would have otherwise been a small fire. Wool is fire-resistant – and it does not need to be treated with potentially hazardous chemicals to gain this property.

Con: Wool needs to be professionally cleaned.

You might be able to get away with cleaning other types of carpets with a home carpet shampooer. However, wool carpeting will need to be professionally cleaned. This is because if wool is not dried quickly, it shrinks. Most home carpet shampooers leave too much water behind in the carpet, which will cause a wool carpet to shrink. Professionals have special equipment and products to ensure wool carpet dries quickly after washing. The need for professional cleaning will likely mean your maintenance costs are higher over the life of a wool carpet than they would be with some synthetic carpets.

Con: You have to be careful when cleaning up spills and stains on a wool carpet.

You'll need to use a specialized product made just for wool carpets, and you'll need to be very vigilant about drying any wet areas thoroughly. Even then, wool is prone to stains. If you have pets or small children who will spill and stain your carpet often, wool might not be the best choice.

If you don't mind having it professionally cleaned and don't foresee a lot of spills, wool carpet can be a very luxurious, safe and natural choice for your home. Contact a cleaner, like 5 Star Carpet Cleaning or another location, for more info.