Protecting Your Business Confidentiality And Records By Taking Precautions And Working With A Professional Cleaning Company

When you need your office cleaned, it's important to find a reputable cleaning company to do the work for you. It doesn't matter what size your office is, protecting the assets within it is necessary. When you have expensive equipment, and your office holds confidential records, you need to have cleaners that you can count on. While you can try to have a small cleaning staff, or do the work on your own, finding a professional office cleaning company in your area will give you the peace of mind you need. The cleaning company will have liability insurance, and will use staff that have been background checked to ensure they will keep your records confidential.

Trust in a Cleaning Company is Important

Your office will probably have all kinds of information lying around. Whether an important document doesn't get shredded or identifying information is found in the trash, your employees will make mistakes when it comes to leaving out vital information. Your cleaning company will need to have discretion when it comes to your vital records, as this information could be used for identity theft quite easily. You need to find a cleaning company you can trust to keep your business running without disruption.

Employees Should Have File Cabinets that Lock

Important documents should always be locked away, and in some cases it is against the law to leave out confidential information. For example, an attorney who keeps an IOLTA account must keep the records locked up at all times. Some records must be in a locked cabinet, and some records may even need to be both in a locked cabinet and then in a locked office. Keys to any cabinets can only be in the hands of trusted employees, but keys to offices will need to be available to the cleaners in order for all offices to be cleaned. Make sure that employees understand the importance of vital records being locked away for the night.

Computers Must Be Logged Off

It can be easy for the wrong person to get access to your computer network, simply by forgetting to log off of a computer. Train employees to log off their computers and night, and to not leave any log in information nearby that is easy to access. While you can expect that a professional cleaning company won't go near any computers, you don't want to leave anything on to avoid temptation.