Why Get Your Carpets Cleaned After You Get a Puppy?

A puppy is a great addition to your home. But unfortunately, puppies aren't known for their cleanliness. When you get a puppy, you may want to schedule for carpet cleaning as well. Here are just a few reasons why carpet cleaning after you get a puppy is a good idea.

Puppies aren't potty trained

Unless you get an older puppy that's already house trained, you're bound to have a few accidents in the home. Your carpets will absorb more urine and fecal matter than you'd think, even if you clean up the messes as soon as they happen. Since the odor and stains left behind from puppy messes are unsightly and can encourage more in-house bathroom use, get your carpets cleaned as soon as your puppy gets house trained enough that you can trust them to have few or no accidents indoors.

Puppies can get sick

If you have pets already, puppies can pick up dander, fleas, allergens, and even bacteria that are left in your carpets. Your new puppy's immune system isn't fully developed, so they can get sick if you have dirty carpets. It's best to have your carpets cleaned fairly frequently if you already have indoor pets anyhow, and there's all the more reason to do so when you introduce a younger dog to the mix.

Another way puppies can get sick is this: the carpet cleaning chemicals and other solutions you use on your carpets can be ingested by your curious puppy and can make them sick by accident. If your puppy is frequently licking your carpet or chewing things out of the carpet fibers, you want to get your carpets cleaned as soon as you can so you can keep your puppy from accidentally ingesting something that they shouldn't be eating.

Puppies bring in messes

Puppies do more than have occasional accidents on the carpet. They also track in dirt, spill their food and water, and make messes of things they get into inside the house. After your puppy has gotten used to your home and isn't making any real messes on your carpets, you should have them professionally cleaned.

If you have rugs, you should have your carpet cleaning specialist have these carpeting pieces cleaned professionally as well. When you get your carpets cleaned a few times a year, or as instructed by your carpet cleaning specialist, you can keep your puppy healthier and have newer-looking floors for longer.