Are You Doing Major Cleaning Yourself?

Money might not buy happiness, but it sure would help to have more of it, right? Is that how you're feeling when it comes to your house cleaning? Maybe the job is so big that you wish you had the funds to pay professionals to clean your house. But if that isn't a realistic wish, consider what you can do to make your job easier. From cleaning your carpets yourself to getting your family on board to assist you, here are some ideas that might help.

​Do Your Own Carpet Cleaning

If you have already vacuumed the carpets and noticed that they didn't look too great, maybe you decided it's time to do a thorough carpet cleaning. First, look for trouble spots and try to remember what left that area extra dirty. Know that will help you to decide which cleaning product to use. You might be surprised at how you can get stains out. For example, if your little child or a grandchild decided it would be fun to write on your carpet with a ball point pen, don't despair. Using hair spray might make those ink spots totally disappear. 

Maybe somebody spilled hot chocolate or chocolate sauce on the carpet. Or, it might be that you find evidence of spaghetti sauce from the night you served Italian food. Try using just water and liquid dish detergent to get rid of those unsightly spots. Use a circular or patting motion as you clean the carpet, and try not to rub too hard, as you don't want to damage the carpet threads. When you have finished with the cleaning part, then rinse thoroughly with water and pat the area dry with a clean towel. 

Renting carpet cleaning equipment is probably more affordable than you thought it would be. Consider doing that for the overall carpet cleaning

Get Help From Family Members

Even little kids can help you clean your house. While adults and older siblings are doing things like window washing, blind cleaning, and bathroom cleaning, little hands can wipe off countertops and even do the baseboards. Of course, safety is a major concern. Use safe cleaning products, not only for your kids but for yourself, too.

Think of making the rule that kids can't go out to play or go out with friends until their rooms are totally clean and until other chores have been done. Consider having little rewards for a job well done. For example, a child who goes the extra mile on helping with cleaning the house might have the privilege of staying up late with mom and dad to watch a movie.