Three Benefits Commercial Vacuums Have Over Your Own Vacuum At Home

You might see a lot about commercial vacuums and cleaning services this holiday season. If someone is not trying to sell you a vacuum, they want to sell you cleaning services to make your holidays easier and less stressful. Really, who does not want less stress this month? However, you may be wondering how much better a commercial vacuum is over the machine you have stashed in your hall closet. Here are three benefits that a commercial vacuum has over your own vacuum. 

Less Dust

Vacuums made for consumer use tend to stir up a lot more dust than they pull from carpets and floors. What is more, they also tend to spit a lot of dust back out of their canisters or out of their soft-sided paper bags. Add to that the times when your bag collections split and spill dust on the floor you just vacuumed, or leave a trail of dust as you carry the bag to the trash, and it is as though you did not vacuum at all. 

A commercial vacuum, on the other hand, cleans thoroughly, never spits out dust, and sucks up more dust than your most expensive consumer vacuum that you bought at a big-box store. These vacuums are designed to deliver more powerful suction and, therefore, a deeper cleaning without releasing dust and allergens back into the air or onto your floors. It is the biggest reason why cleaning service companies use them instead of just any old vacuum. 

Commercial-Grade HEPA Filters

Some of your higher-end consumer vacuums have HEPA filters, this is true, but those filters have nothing on the filters packed into commercial cleaning machines. The tiniest of microns of allergens do not escape commercial-grade HEPA filters. You can only get that kind of clean, breathable air with a commercial cleaning product. 

More Powerful Suction

Your own vacuum can pick up toy cars and interlocking plastic brick toys, but can it pick up anything larger or heavier? Probably not. The suction created in standard consumer vacuums is meant to operate on a lower level. Those vacuums clean okay, but they do not have the level of suction and power found in commercial models. Nothing is missed when a commercial vacuum is scooting and wheeling over your floors. Everything is sucked up, right on down to pieces of glass and the steel marbles your kids left on the floor. 

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