Hiring Post Construction Cleaning for Your New School to Make a Good First Impression

Putting the final touches on the construction of your district's new school is an exciting moment. But before construction completely wraps up and the crew starts packing up, you should be thinking in advance about how you are going to get the school building cleaned up before the first students arrive. Construction is obviously a dirty business and there might be lots of sawdust or other unwanted materials left within the building or on the school grounds when all is said and done. Even though the construction crew will clean up some of it, but for best results, here are a few reasons why you should hire a post-construction cleaning crew to help finish this task. 

Look Good for the All-Important Inspection

Every school administrator knows that the district's buildings must remain up to code at all times. But this also includes the new building you are about to finish putting up. Schools must meet strict requirements before the doors can be opened to children. Post-construction cleaning is important because not only could it find and remove a potential hazard, but it will also just help you make the best possible first impression when the building inspectors do show up.

Impress the Parents Even Before You Open

Is your school privately owned or seeking to be competitive with other high-end school districts? Do the parents pay tuition to send students to your school? If you will be sitting down with parents to discuss the benefits of your school district, you will want to make sure you put forth that same great first impression that you'll need for the building inspectors. If you are trying to compete with other privately owned districts, you want the building to shine before the first parent walks in and is informed of the tuition cost.

Open on Time for the First Day or As Soon as You Can

Finally, it's a good idea to have a cleaning crew ready to go as soon as the last construction vehicle pulls off your lot because time may be of the essence. Construction projects are notorious for sometimes going beyond the initial deadline, and perhaps you are now closer to the first day of school than you would like. With the help of a professional crew, you can get the entire building spic and span with plenty of time to spare before you open your doors. 

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