Four Ways to Minimize Your Landscape Maintenance Costs

Once you have set up the ideal landscape on your property, it is essential to conduct regular maintenance services to preserve its curb appeal. Nonetheless, regular landscape maintenance costs can sometimes hurt your finances, depending on how you go about it. Thus, it is essential to find a cost-friendly yet effective way of keeping your landscaping well maintained. If you are looking for various ways to minimize your landscape maintenance costs, you are in the place.

Here are four practical tips you can utilize to mitigate landscape maintenance costs.

Water at Night

A significant part of landscape maintenance involves watering your lawns as well as the different types of plants and flowers that make up your landscape. However, you may often realize that your water bill keeps rising due to watering your landscape frequently, contributing to a high landscape maintenance cost.

Watering your landscape during the day leads to a lot of the water evaporating due to the sun's heat. As a result, you have to water the landscape frequently to ensure that the lawn, plants, and flowers receive an adequate amount of water to survive. Therefore, you end up receiving a high water bill at the end of the month.

However, you can minimize landscape maintenance costs by watering your landscape at night. At night, temperatures are cool, and thus water doesn't evaporate as much as it does during the day. When you water your landscape at night, most of the water gets absorbed by the ground, which retains enough water to sustain your landscape for a few days. You don't need to water the landscape every day, which saves water.

Use Compost Manure Instead of Fertilizer 

Another way you can minimize your landscape maintenance costs is by utilizing compost manure instead of fertilizer. Fertilizer or compost manure is essential in providing the plants in your landscape with a sufficient supply of nutrients and minerals needed for growth.

Fertilizer is manufactured using various chemical compounds, whereas compost manure is derived from animal droppings and decaying plants. As a result, fertilizer costs more than compost manure. You can save money on landscape maintenance costs by buying compost manure instead of fertilizer.

Besides, compost manure is more environmentally friendly compared to fertilizer. By buying manure, you also get to protect your landscape from the adverse effects of the chemicals contained in the fertilizer.

Plant Perennial Plants

A common mistake most people make with their landscaping is to plant seasonal or annual plants. Seasonal and annual plants tend to die out every season or year. As a result, you have to purchase new plants every season and replant them, which significantly contributes to your overall landscape maintenance costs.

However, you can minimize your landscape maintenance costs by planting perennial plants. Unlike seasonal or annual plants, perennial plants are long-term survivors. Perennial plants bloom every season, year after year, like clockwork. Therefore, you don't need to replant your landscape every year, and you get to save money on your landscape maintenance.

For more information, contact a local landscape maintenance service near you to learn more.