5 Cleaning Tips For Silhouette-Style Shades

If you like the sheer, flowing look of thin curtains but prefer the ability to tightly close them like blinds, then silhouette-style shades that combine a sheer with blinds are a great option. These shades are durable and attractive, but special care is needed to ensure they are cleaned properly.

1. Dust Frequently

The key to avoiding soil on the shades is to dust them frequently, preferably by making cleaning them a part of your usual weekly cleaning routine. The best way to dust the shades so that the grime isn't pushed into the material is to use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner. You can also use canned air or an air wand designed for electronics to blow the dust off of the shades.

2. Avoid Friction

Don't use any cleaning techniques that result in friction on the shade surfaces. Rubbing the fabric on the blinds can cause it to wrinkle and separate from the supporting structure beneath. Rubbing while cleaning, such as when trying to scrub with a cloth or sponge, also warps and pulls on the sheer fabric so that it no longer hangs correctly.

3. Spot Clean Carefully

If small stains occur, you may be able to spot clean the shades if you are very careful. Dampen a sponge with warm water, not hot, and gently blot at the stain without rubbing. Avoid most detergents and cleaners, as they can discolor the fabric. You may want to test clean a hidden area first, as sometimes even cleaning with plain water can discolor the fabric or cause it to lighten to a shade lighter than the rest of the blinds.

4. Schedule Professional Cleaning

When your blinds are very dirty or dingy or if there are stubborn stains you don't want to chance cleaning up yourself, then professional cleaning may be the best option. A professional service will often use ultrasonic cleaning, which uses a combination of water and soundwaves to remove all soil from the shades without causing any damage to their structure or materials.

5. Consider Treatments

Professional cleaners can also offer another useful service — stain-proofing treatments. After ultrasonic cleaning, the pros will treat your shades with a product that acts as a barrier against soil. In the future, any dirt or liquids should just dust off the blinds because they can no longer be absorbed by the fabric.

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