Professional Grout Cleaning

Grout is a common material that is found in swimming pools, kitchens, and other features or rooms that contain tiling. Due to the porosity of grout, calcium deposits and dirt can stain grout. Using standard scrubbing techniques may not effectively clean grout. A company that provides a high-pressure jetting or blasting service can restore the condition of the grout. 

How Standard Cleaning Can Trap Stains

If you have used a stiff-bristled brush or scrubbing pad to clean tiles and grout, the pressure that has been applied to porous surfaces may have actually embedded the stain deep into the mortar or paste substance that is located in between tiles. Grout becomes stained from foot traffic, mold and mildew, chemicals, and liquid spills. Old grout sections may not respond to standard cleaning practices. A company that provides grout cleaning services may not only treat grout but may also treat the tiling that surrounds it.

What The Cleaning Job Will Entail

If grout within a swimming pool needs to be cleaned, emptying the pool will be necessary. Tiling often runs along the top, sides, and bottom of a pool. The cleaning crew who will be administering a cleaning process will need full access to each tile and grout section that has become stained. A high-pressure jetting process involves the use of a strong stream of water. 

Upon the water hitting the grout sections, the water will penetrate the grout and will effectively lift stains. Some cleaning companies may use pretreatment products that are designed to loosen stains. The use of some cleaning agents may shorten the length of time that it takes to conduct a jetting process. The equipment that is used to perform the cleaning may be designed to release water and suck up dirty debris.

The cleaning process will be thorough and will leave no residue behind. A blasting process may also be used to remove staining from grout. A cleaning crew will need to assess the tiling and grout that is being treated, to determine the type of blasting process that will need to be used.

This type of process may be messier than a jetting process since residue that is released from a blaster will wind up on grout and tile surfaces. Grout and tile cleaning processes can be used indoors or outdoors. A customer may be provided with instructions on how they keep grout clean between professional cleaning sessions.

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