2 Benefits Of Hiring A Specialized Service To Clean Your Home’s High-End Persian Accent Rug

If you have a high-end Persian rug accenting the hallway or main room in your home, you may love the sense of class it gives to the space. However, since the rug is in an area where it gets a lot of foot traffic, it has gotten dirty. Since the rug is handmade and costs a lot of money, you may have been reluctant to have a cleaned. If so, consider the benefits of having your high-end Persian accent rug tended to by a company that offers carpet cleaning services for specialized rugs. 

They Use Cleaning Solutions That Are Gentle Enough That the Rug's Colors Will Not Fade or Bleed

One concern you may have about cleaning your Persian accent rug is that the colors will fade or bleed when subjected to certain cleaning solutions. Since the higher-end rugs are handmade and hand dyed, your concerns are founded since certain cleaners will ruin the colors.

The benefit of hiring a specialized service is that they know what cleaning solutions to use. They will select one based on the specific design of your rug that will be gentle enough that the colors will not face or bleed together but strong enough to remove stains, dirt, and grime from the fibers.

They Have the Equipment and Experience Necessary to Deep Clean Without Destroying the Fibers

Another benefit of having a specialized service come in to clean your Persian rug is that they can provide deep cleaning without destroying the fibers of the handmade rug. When conventional equipment and techniques are used, they can pull out the fibers or warp them so that they never lay correctly again.

However, a carpet cleaning service that deals with rugs such as yours has specialized equipment and techniques available to them. They can assess how the rug was made and the materials before selecting a cleaning style that will safely clean the rug.

When you have a high-end Persian rug accenting your home, you want to make sure that it stays in the best possible condition while keeping it clean. A specialized service will clean the rug using cleaners that will be gentle on the dyes as well as use equipment and techniques that will not destroy the rug's fibers. If it has been a while or you have never had the rug cleaned out of fear of damaging it, contact a specialized rug cleaning service to discuss your options.