Don’t Hire A Cleaning Service Without Asking These 4 Questions First

These days, people are busier than ever--and finding the time to handle daily cleaning tasks isn't always feasible. Fortunately, you always have the option of hiring a professional cleaning services to take care of everything from vacuuming your floors to dusting your furniture. Before you hire just any cleaning service for the job, however, there are some important questions you should ask. What Insurance Do You Hold? First of all, don't hire any cleaning service that isn't bonded and insured. Read More 

Can You Remove Mold from Hardwood Floors as a DIY Project?

Mold damage can happen anywhere in a home, and that includes hardwood floors. Knowing how to respond to this kind of damage can help you protect your floors and your home. Can you remove mold from hardwood floors as a DIY project? The answer to this question is "sometimes." Light mold damage can be as simple as mildew that sits on top of the polyurethane covering the floorboards. When this happens, you can easily wipe away the mold if you have the right supplies. Read More 

Three Options To Give Your Home Comfortable, Durable Floors

There are many different materials that you can use for the flooring in your home. Some of these materials are hard surfaces, such as tile, concrete and epoxy materials. These can make for floors that are cold and hard to walk on, which can be hard on joints and your health. If you want to have more comfortable floors, you may be considering carpet but it can be damaged and need replacing. Read More 

How To Get Your House Thoroughly Clean For Christmas Guests

Are you expecting out-of-town company for the Christmas holidays? If so, you are probably thinking a lot about having your house be picture-perfect. One good thing about knowing that somebody is staying at your house is that it is a great incentive to clean more than you usually might. If you're focused on doing this, here are some suggestions that might be very helpful to you. Make It A Family Affair - If you have a spouse and kids still living at home, you probably have an automatic cleaning team to help you. Read More 

Top 5 Ways To Deodorize Your Carpet

Busy households that are filled with energetic children and excitable puppies bring lots of joy, but also some unpleasant odors that can call the carpets home. When in between deep carpet cleanings, take the time to deodorize your carpets so that they always smell fresh. There are a few different ways you can go about that. Here are the top five.  1. Baking Soda It is widely known that baking soda has odor eliminating properties. Read More